• Taking up to 60 buildings through LEED-EBOM Volume
  • Identifying energy and water savings opportunities acrosss portfolio

CodeGreen Solutions is working with the State of California Department of General Services to provide sustainability, energy efficiency, and LEED EB: O+M Volume services for over 60 buildings around the state. In response to the State of California’s Executive Order B-18-12 requiring all large existing state buildings to achieve LEED-EB certification in 2015, the Department of General Services, the agency responsible for real estate and other business support for the state’s agencies, solicited bids from the country’s top sustainability firms.
The three year project is taking up to 60 of the state’s properties through the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings Volume Program (LEED EB: O+M). The LEED certification process builds upon DGS’s current “green” initiatives such as green cleaning, waste diversion and responsible purchasing and expands them to achieve higher levels of performance and efficiency in various operational aspects. The CodeGreen team is providing engineering analysis to identify energy saving measures and indoor air quality testing to make sure the building occupants are receiving healthy levels of ventilation.

About California Department of General Services (DGS)

DGS is the state government agency in California that acts as business manager responsible for procurement, acquisition services, real estate management, leasing, and construction as well as oversight of over 24 million square feet of property.