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Local Law 33: New York City to Require Buildings to Post Energy Grades
20 Dec ccayten News

Update: This law has been passed as Local Law 33 - Full text of the law is HERE
On December 19th NYC City Council passed a number of bills on their last day of session this year.  One of the bills, Intro 1632A will require buildings over 25,000sf to post Energy Grades on their buildings by 2020. Read the Press Release HERE. Energy Grades will be based on Energy Star Scores according to the following breakdown.
*As per LL84, scores of buildings with more than 10% data center, trading floor and/or TV studio are not published.
Find out what your Energy Grade will be. You can view Energy Star Scores for New York City buildings are already available in our mobile app, available for Iphone and Android.
We will keep you updated as the City releases more details about this law.
CodeGreen has benchmarked over 150 million square feet of property in New York City and is working with over 300 million square feet of property nationwide to develop and implement holistic programs to improve sustainability and energy performance through strategic planning, implementation and ongoing management. Call us to learn how to incorporate this new legislation into your long-term planning.

Myles Scott of CodeGreen Writes GRESB Article On Goal-Setting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions
12 Dec ccayten News

Click here to read the GRESB article

NYC Energy & Sustainability Regulation Update - Nov 2017
30 Nov ccayten News

Over the past few months New York City has proposed a number of new bills that will greatly impact existing and new buildings across the city. For more information about how these will affect your properties, contact your CodeGreen account manager or Harry Etra at 646-380-7649

NYC Proposes New “Stretch Energy Code” for New Buildings and Major Renovations Intro 1629A requires periodic submissions to the Council to create a more stringent NYC Energy Conservation Code, and that new buildings and major alterations be designed and constructed as low energy intensity structures beginning in 2025. For office and residential buildings, low energy intensity buildings are defined as meeting: 1) 30% below the median source Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of buildings with similar uses or 30% below ASHRAE 90.1-2013; 2) a source EUI of 38 kBTU/year/square foot for new buildings, and a source EUI of 42 kBTU/year/square foot for major alterations; or 3) an alternative low energy intensity target adopted into the NYC Charter. See REBNY’s Official Testimony on Int 1629 from June. This bill may be voted on before the end of 2017.
NYC Proposal to Require Posting Energy Grades on Buildings and at Point of Sale or Lease In June 2017 the NYC Council introduced Intro 1632A – Building Energy Grades, that will require buildings over 25,000sf to post an “Energy Efficiency Grade” on their building beginning May 1, 2018.  The Energy Efficiency Grade will be letter grades from A-F based on energy use intensity or using the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager Tool.  The bill also will require that beginning July 1, 2018 an “Energy Asset Score”, an assessment of the efficiency of building HVAC and envelope (independent of energy consumption), be disclosed at time of sale or lease of all or part of the building. See REBNY’s OfficialTestimony on Int 1632 from June. This bill may be voted on before the end of 2017.
NYC Proposes Fossil Fuel Caps for Large Buildings and Timeline for Whole Building Energy Caps  On October 31st, 2017 NYC City Council introduced Intro 1745, which will set caps for fossil fuel use for buildings over 25,000 square feet that will go into effect by 2030 and set whole-building energy use caps in 2019 also to go into effect in 2030.  According to the bill, commercial buildings will be limited to 35 kbtu/sf per year and multifamily 55 kbtu/sf per year, impacting an estimated 12,000 properties across the city with fines for non-compliance reaching 10’s of thousands of dollars. We do not agree with using a fixed kbtu per square foot cap for each building type, considering the broad variety of uses and operating schedules within each building typology.  We are watching the progress of this bill very closely and are working with industry groups to evaluate alternative approaches to the proposed kbtu/sf metric.  We will let our readers know as soon as we learn more. It goes without saying that if this bill passes, many buildings that rely on gas or oil for heat will have to perform major upgrades to meet these requirements.
REMINDER: Buildings over 25,000sf must submit for LL84 Benchmarking by May 1, 2018   NYC’s Local Law 84 has been expanded to include buildings over 25,000sf. Owners of buildings over 25,000sf must perform the Energy Star benchmark using the EPA Portfolio Manager Tool covering energy use for the 2017 calendar year and submit to the NYC Dept of Buildings by May 1, 2018.  Please let us know if you have buildings that will be covered by this law.

CodeGreen's Daniel Liswood Writes for GRESB On Public ESG Disclosure Trends
27 Nov ccayten News

To read the article visit GRESB's website: Click here to read article

James McGlynn, of CodeGreen, Presents at Skyposium 2017
16 Nov ccayten News

CodeGreen's own James McGlynn presented at Skyposium 2017 in front of 150+ engineers & Skyspark programming experts November 14th.  Excited to be part of this collaborative community of programmers.  

CodeGreen Part of Inaugural Fitwell Advisory Council
07 Nov ccayten News

CodeGreen is thrilled to be part of the inaugural Fitwel Advisory Councils. The Fitwel LAB and Councils bring together pioneering companies across the finance, healthcare, real estate, design and sustainability sectors to advise CfAD on maintaining Fitwel’s vision and strength of product by providing strategic direction for its continued impact and growth. We look forward to working with this amazing group to drive health and wellbeing in the workplace!

CodeGreen's James McGlynn Speaking at SkyPosium 2017
02 Nov ccayten News

James McGlynn, of CodeGreen, will be speaking at SkyPosium in Dulles, VA November 14th to 15th. SkyPosium is the first ever community event for all SkyFoundry partners and users. James will speak during a segment in which community members will be giving brief presentations on how they are using specific new features of the software. Click here to find more information on SkyPosium 2017.

CodeGreen's Jordan Chan Writes GRESB Article on Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Strategies
24 Oct ccayten News

Jordan Chan, of CodeGreen Solutions, delves into the wisdom of leveraging stakeholders engagement to maximize sustainability strategies read GRESB article here.

CodeGreen Solutions at GRESB ESG Master Class
24 Oct ccayten News

Join CodeGreen Solutions and GRESB December 5th at REBNY for the GRESB ESG Master Class. And join us for happy hour following the class! Details on Class Here

CodeGreen's Chris Cayten Speaking at the RETHINK Office Conference
12 Oct ccayten News

The average office building in New York City is 70 years old. Many of these buildings have great potential and can compete against new buildings, but you need to be creative and focus on what the market wants. CodeGreen’s Chris Cayten will be speaking about how to make older buildings competitive in today’s market at the RETHINK Office Conference November 30th.

Join CodeGreen’s Chris Cayten at RETHINK Office in NYC, Nov 30th

Follow link for tickets

CodeGreen Presenting at 2017 ENERGY STAR® Commercial Buildings Partner Meeting
10 Oct ccayten News

CodeGreen is proud to be presenting at the ENERGY STAR® Commercial Buildings Partner Meeting at the Sheraton Grand Chicago on October 24th-25th. During this interactive meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss trends and best practices in energy efficiency, hear from leading energy experts and connect with building owners, managers and service providers dedicated to improving efficiency. And join us October 24th, Tuesday evening in Chicago. CodeGreen is co-hosting a cocktail reception for conference attendees! To view the full agenda and register for the event, visit the ENERGY STAR Commercial Buildings Partner Meeting homepage.

GRESB Features CodeGreen's Joshua Kace's Article: "Climbing the Tree of Energy Efficiency "
02 Oct ccayten News

To read the article visit GRESB's website at: Climbing the Tree of Energy Efficiency.

GRESB Features CodeGreen's Lisa Bolle's Article: Rethinking Waste Management
21 Aug ccayten News

To read the article visit GRESB's website at: Rethinking Waste Management.

GRESB: Health and Well-Being
06 Jun ccayten News

Harry Etra, Director of Sustainability, CodeGreen Solutions

As the second GRESB Health and Well-Being module submission cycle deadline nears (July 1, 2017), well- being in real estate is not a fading trend. Rather, it is an investor, tenant, and employee driven consideration for real estate owners and operators.

In 2016, 174 entities (over 20% of respondents) voluntarily completed the GRESB Health and Well-Being module. An interesting data point from the report was that 60% of respondents said that the most senior decision maker for health and well-being issues was different that the senior sustainability decision maker.

At Code Green, we use our own office in a laboratory for testing new technologies and initiatives. In true office-of-the-future, millennial form, we’ve embraced everything from standing desks to yoga balls to mini-elliptical machines. In one of our conference rooms, we are testing out a green wall solution and monitoring the impact on air quality in the space. At the same time, our team is piloting off-the-shelf   and self-made standing desk solutions. We also encourage our team to get out of the office and  schedule walking meetings.

As sustainability and energy efficiency consultants, we have seen an increasing demand for services and solutions around health and well-being. Though new to the ESG space, we’ve already been a part of project teams helping building owners and tenants across the country pursue Fitwel and WELL certifications. As part of L&L’s 425 Park Avenue project that is pursuing LEED and WELL Core & Shore Certification, we have seen tenants sign record setting leases. We expect that over time, the tenant and broker community will become more familiar with the impact of office spaces on employees’ health and well-being.

It will be interesting to see if health and well-being decisions remain separated from other environmental, social, and governance topics or if they end up following under the control of the same decision makers. We are in the early days of investors and tenants figuring out the questions to ask and metrics to track around health and well-being to inform investment and leasing decisions.

Chris Cayten will be Speaking at Bisnow's Future of Real Estate Tech: Thursday, June 8th
06 Jun ccayten News

Join Bisnow as they explore the future of commercial real estate tech! They'll cover how sustainability has made its way into the industry, and how its shaping the NYC skyline.

To find out more about the event click here. Apply code CGS20IZ8HE to receive 20% off the price of admission.


Patricia Lee participates in Clinton Global Initiative - Women in the Green Economy: Promotion and Leadership
06 Jun ccayten News

On May 15th Patricia Lee joined women from across the country to discuss promoting women in the green economy. We are proud to be a part of this important discussion for our industry.

CodeGreen becomes First BREEAM USA Assessor Organization in New York State and among the First in California
31 May ccayten News

In the continually evolving and growing landscape of green building certification programs, BREEAM USA In-Use has emerged as one of the newest players in the US market.  BREEAM USA launched in October 2016 to provide an affordable option to benchmark sustainable building performance against global best practices.  BREEAM identified a need to engage the 5.6 million existing commercial buildings in the U.S. market on issues of sustainability.  The program benchmarks performance across 9 environmental sections: Management, Health & Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land Use & Ecology, and Pollution.

BREEAM is owned by BRE, the Building Research Establishment, which has been developing standards for the built environment for nearly 100 years and is based out of the United Kingdom. BRE is owned by the BRE Trust which uses the profits from BREEAM and other BRE products to fund scientific research that helps improve the built environment, the BREEAM standard and other BRE components.  Interestingly, BRE history began with research on fire prevention and extinguishing as well as construction methods for rebuilding after the First World War informing BREEAM’s coverage on value protection which other standards lack.  BREEAM In-Use is a methodology backed by scientific research to rate existing buildings based on performance benchmarks. There are also no prerequisites to get started.

While the BREEAM program is new to the US, it is the most widely used program in Europe and globally, with over 2,200,000 registered projects and over 550,000 certified assets globally.  The retailer Macerich has paved the way by earning the first BREEAM certification in the US for its Oaks Shopping Center in Santa Monica in March 2017.

The BREEAM standard is developed and administered by BREEAM USA team; however, certification is awarded by BREEAM Assessors through a rigorous review process and site visit.  CodeGreen is thrilled to be the first BREEAM Assessor organization in New York and among the first in California.  CodeGreen’s experience as a market leader and inclusive provider of services positions our team to provide comprehensive BREEAM Assessor and consulting services to our clients.

The BREEAM USA In-Use program may be a good fit for clients looking to understand how their assets are performing, provide value protection against early obsolescence, and gain environmental recognition where budget and resources are limited.  We respect the inclusivity of the program and its focus on best practice as well as health and safety, which can have a large impact on value protection for any asset.

To learn if BREEAM is a good fit for your building, contact us at

Chris Cayten of CodeGreen Solutions to speak at Bisnow's: NY Workplace of the Future Event
21 Apr ccayten News

Bisnow Future of Workplace

How are developers adapting to the modern tenant? Are co-working spaces a passing fad, or a sign of changing times? What innovations are design firms implementing to accommodate the explosion of tech companies?

To find out more about the event that will discuss these questions click here.


CodeGreen to Speak on Panel at Delaware Valley Green Building Council 2017 Sustainability Symposium
21 Apr ccayten News

Deleware Valley USGBC

On May 5th, 2017 CodeGreen Solutions' Lisa Bolle and Jonathon Matle will appear on a panel to discuss unconventional LEED-EB case studies, while Harry Etra moderates.

Pushing the Boundary of LEED: Unconventional LEED-EB project case studies East Coast building stock is primarily existing. Many of these buildings have unique attributes that some considered to be barriers to entry from the LEED for Existing Buildings rating system such as project type, size, or age.

Attendees will learn from sustainability consultants on how they were able to navigate the LEED-EB Rating System for unusual existing buildings. The presentations focus on JFK Terminal 4 (airport terminal), 485 Lexington Avenue (LEED-EB v4), and a building pursuing the LEED Performance Score recertification path. Attendees will leave with the ideas and tools of how to make unusual buildings work within the LEED-EB and LEED Performance Scores programs.

To register or learn more about the program, click here.

CodeGreen Solutions' Christopher Kinlen Presented at NYC Energy Conservation CODE
02 Mar Code Green News

CODE Master Class On February 28, 2017, Christopher Kinlen Senior Commissioning Engineer for CodeGreen Solutions presented at the NYC Energy Conservation CODE. The Master Class covered building mechanical systems  He presented on analyzing and optimizing building systems by ensuring they are installed, operated and functioning as intended. To learn more about the event click here.

NYC Launches NYC Carbon Challenge for Commercial Owners and Tenants
26 Jan Code Green News

The NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability launched the NYC Carbon Challenge for Commercial Owners and Tenants today. This program builds off the successes of prior carbon challenges for universities, hospitals, hotels and multifamily buildings and includes 10 large landlords and 12 large commercial tenants totaling over 58 million square feet of property in the city who have pledged to reduce their carbon footprints by at least 30% over the next 10 years.   CodeGreen is proud to be working with many of these landlords and tenants to reduce their carbon footprints, lower energy costs and improve the environment.  The aggregate reductions in this program could save landlords and tenants over $50 million. See the full press release HERE