CodeGreen Solutions Walks the Green Walk and Achieves LEED-CI Platinum at Their New NY Headquarters

NEW YORK, Oct. 2011 – CodeGreen Solutions has long established itself as a leader in the green building industry, so it was only natural that they set the bar high for sustainability at their own headquarters in NYC. The bright new office space, located at 1333 Broadway, is finally complete, and has achieved a LEED-CI Platinum rating, the highest rating awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. Employing the expertise of its very own team of LEED APs, commissioning engineers and energy managers, CodeGreen has added its own office to its long list of successful projects, which includes the Democracy Now! Studios, the Origins Flagship store, and the corporate offices of many Fortune 500 companies.

Smart features in the space like T5 lighting, plug-in task lighting, and occupancy and daylight sensors resulted in a 56% energy reduction above ASHRAE standards. In addition, overhead lighting was reduced, and CodeGreen team members are now able to enjoy a more comfortable working environment where they can control their own lighting and have access to views overlooking Midtown Manhattan.

Going beyond energy efficiency, CodeGreen ensured that 61% of its office furniture was salvaged, and of the new furnishings purchased, 72% were manufactured regionally. The wood that is used throughout the office is 100% FSC certified and an impressive 95% of the waste from the project  was recycled, diverting it from landfills. To reduce water consumption, CodeGreen installed .5 gallon per minute aerators on the existing faucets and low flush diverters on the water closets, which together use 20% less water than standard fittings.  Composting has also been implemented in the office to further reduce organic waste.


CodeGreen provides sustainable and energy efficiency solutions for individual buildings, portfolios and corporations nationwide. CodeGreen helps clients conserve capital, comply with energy efficiency regulations, reach sustainability goals, improve operations and reduce energy consumption. Their innovative software package ProAct(TM) is designed to track, maintain, and report the ongoing sustainability of today’s complex buildings. CodeGreen’s services include Energy Benchmarking, LEED certification management, energy auditing, retro-commissioning (RCx), and sourcing for energy efficiency financial incentives.  CodeGreen is currently greening over 100 million square feet of property nationwide, and has managed the LEED certification of over 14 million square feet.

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